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Discount Long Distance Rates

For over four years we have been your source of the best long distance rates available. As technology changes, we keep pace - offering you the best in unlimited long distance, VoIP and broadband phone services, high speed Internet access, local phone service and much more. It's been our motto since that day that we "opened our doors" that you work hard too for your money and you shouldn't be handing over any more than absolutely necessary to the big bill companies.

VOIP and Broadband Phone
Unlimited Long Distance
Local Phone Service

Our number one goal is to help make your search for the best rates on your telecommunications needs as painless as possible. If you're not sure which service will suit you best, send us an email - we can help. We spend massive amounts of time studying the services available on this site so that you don't have to.

Discount Long Distance Rates is dedicated to providing top notch customer service and the best deals available on the web. Take a look below at the top five featured deals. These are companies and services in high demand, with great pricing, exceptional value and superior customer support.

The Top Five Featured Telecom Deals

SunRocket VoIP

SunRocket Internet Phone Service is a cut above the rest. Plans start as low as $9.95 per month, but we think the $199.00 per year plan is the best deal. For less than 17 dollars per month you get:

 • unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
 • a second phone number for free
 • enhanced emergency 911 service
 • tons of calling features like caller ID, call waiting, voicemail and much more
 • no activation fees, no hidden fees, no cancellation fees
 • a free pair of Uniden cordless VoIP phones with tons of features
 • a 31 day money back guarantee

All this, again, for less than 17 dollars per month. Clear connections and no catches. Get more information or sign up online now.

Trinsic Unlimited Local Service

It's a good thing you now have a choice in local phone companies. Trinsic offers you a great bundled service. There are several different plan options based on where you live, but Trinsic Unlimited offers you local, long distance to the U.S. and Canada and a ton of calling features for $51.99 per month. Trinsic is not VoIP - it is true landline service that offers you everything in one package, on one bill, for one price. Get more information or sign up online now.

Comcast Cable Internet Access

High speed is where it's at. If you surf the net a lot, work online, like to play online games or do a lot of downloading, then you have a need for high speed. Comcast offers you firewall protection, Disney Connection, streaming music and much more. They give you a free cable modem and wireless router too. Over 7.7 cable Internet subscribers can't be wrong. Download at 70 times the speed of a 56K connection. You're always connected and can access email from any computer with an Internet connection. Get more information about Comcast's latest special or sign up online now.

Opex Long Distance Service

If you aren't on the phone enough to warrant unlimited long distance, you can still save a bunch with Opex. State to state long distance rates are 2.7 cents per minute for both business and residential consumers. This isn't VoIP or broadband phone - just extremely cheap long distance service. Opex bills calls in 6 second increments with an 18 second minimum and there is no monthly fee if your bill is $20 a month or more. Get toll free service for the same great rates. Full featured online account management and helpful customer service make Opex a star. Get more information about Opex long distance plans or sign up online now.

Packet8 Broadband Phone Service

Packet 8 offers outstanding features and great equipment making it a top choice for broadband phone service. Residential plans start at $19.99 per month for unlimited service with the U.S. and Canada. Video phone unlimited plans are the same low rate. Business plans and International plans are also available at competitive rates. Packet 8 not only has an impressive list of features and great customer service representatives, it also has great equipment. Cordless, virtual office phones and video phones are available to purchase for deep discounts. If you're looking to run into the future full steam, we highly suggest you check out Packet8's video phone service. Get more information about available Packet 8 plans or sign up now online.

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